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Bizpedia is a professionally edited wiki that covers:

  • Companies
  • Executives
  • Non-profits
  • Products
  • Professionals
  • Local politicians
  • Business or technology concepts

Each page is sponsored by the subject of the article, who pays a fee to have the article researched, written, coded, and hosted.

Why have a page on Bizpedia?

Bizpedia creates a hub of information and resources in the classic wiki format many internet users are familiar with. While the wiki format is often associated with Wikipedia, there are thousands of wikis on popular culture, travel, emergency medicine and video games to name a few. Wikis perform well in search results, especially because the name of the person or organization is in the URL of the page.

How is it different than Wikipedia?

Wikipedia very strongly discourages people from creating or editing articles about themselves, their client, or their employer. Most people or organizations do not meet Wikipedia's "notability" requirement to qualify for an article. Additionally, there are complex legal questions about whether it is a form of illegal astroturfing to edit Wikipedia for a commercial interest.

In contrast, Bizpedia creates a safe place for people and organizations to transparently sponsor an article about them in wiki-format. We can conduct interviews, read technical documents, and conduct other original research that is not allowed on Wikipedia. The fact that the page was written by someone affiliated with the company is disclosed to readers, eliminating legal questions about compliance with FTC regulations against astroturfing. We can create in-depth biographies on businesspeople or companies that Wikipedia does not even want included.

How it works?

Each Bizpedia page is written for a sponsor that pays a fee to have the wiki page professionally researched, written, and coded. As a result of having the article developed by an experienced, independent Wikipedian, the content will be more neutral, have proper wikicode, and be better-formatted than if the sponsor wrote the content themselves.

We maintain a mixed model in regards to editorial independence. Bizpedia reserves the right to keep certain things off the site, such as copyright violations, fragrant promotion about "industry leading" products, or attack pieces on the competition. However, sponsors have an opportunity to review our draft, provide corrections, and offer other feedback. We can also incorporate a limited number of whitepapers, landing pages, or other important links.

How much does it cost?

We offer three packages for small, medium and large wiki pages. Each package includes reserching, sourcing, writing, and coding the article, reviewing it with the sponsor, conducting interviews for content, and two updates per year.

Contact us to sponsor a page


Less than 500 words

$500 + $400 / year


Under 2,000 words

$1,100 + $700 / year


2,000+ words

$2,400 + $1,100 / year