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Like Wikipedia, Bizpedia pages provide a hub of information, links, and resources to search engine users about an organization, individual, or other topic. However, all of Bizpedia's content is written by a professional author that is sponsored by a person or company. We source content in part by interviewing the company or person the page is about and have no "notability" requirement to qualify for an entry. Bizpedia provides a fair, more pro-business narrative.

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We offer three packages for small, medium and large wiki pages. Each package includes researching, sourcing, writing, and coding the article, reviewing it with the sponsor, conducting interviews for content, and two updates per year. We offer a money-back guarantee if the Bizpedia page is not on the first page of search results within the first year.


Less than 500 words

$500 + $400 / year


Under 2,000 words

$1,100 + $700 / year


2,000 words and up

$2,400 + $1,100 / year